Rest Api : Private Api

Api is available via server endpoint: /api/{endpoint}

To send request to Private Api you have to generate new key on the platform under the "Api" tab on the exchange platform.

Each key include:

  • api-key - key to included in requests header
  • secret-key - key used to calculate request signature using HMAC-SHA256
  • permissions - operations available for generated key

All requests need to include HTTP headers:

  • api-key - api key generated on the platform
  • api-nonce - long value increased with every request
  • api-hmac -  HMAC-SHA256 calculated from request  body and secret key, converted to it's hexadecimal representation.

Steps to generate proper request:

  1. Create request in JSON format and set all needed parameters.
  2. Serialize JSON to string.
  3. Sign JSON request using HMAC-SHA256.

    hex(HMAC_SHA256(jsonRequest, key=secret-key))
  4. Create new nonce (eg. Unix timestamp).
  5. Put the HTTP request headers (api-key, api-nonce, api-hmac).
  6. Send POST request to the endpoint.