Invalid request parameters401Missing required parameters or invalid value
Permission denied402Api key is not authorised to this operation
Unknown client403Client not defined in system
Unknown currency404Currency not defined in system
Empty list405Empty result
New order rejected406New order rejected (eg. Insufficient funds)
Cancel order error407Error occured during canceling order (eg. Invalid order ID)
Unknown symbol408Symbol not defined in system
Invalid order price or amount409Invalid order price or amount
Invalid order type410Order type can be: 0 - market, 1- limit, 2-stop
Invalid order side411Order side can be: 0- buy, 1- sel
Endpoint not found501Endpoint not found
Missing headers502Missing headers
Requests limit503Exceeded request limit
Invalid hmac504Invalid HMAC
Unknown api-key505Api key not defined in system
Invalid nonce506Nonce must be greater than last used nonce
Internal error507Internal server error